Stars & Their Cars: These Are The Cars The Richest Celebrities Are Buying


#4. Leonardo DiCaprio – Fisker Karma

Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Production Year: 2012
  • Estimated Value: $135,000

Do you really think this automobile is a hybrid? But it’s not your mother’s Prius; it’s a very expensive Fisker Karma Hybrid, created by Henrik Fisker, a lead designer for BMW who also worked on the Z8 Roadster.


Even those hybrid cars from across the pond, like the Toyota Prius, are very different from the Fisker. The $20K selling pitch of the Prius is dwarfed by Karma’s luxury. DiCaprio would have undoubtedly liked Fisker’s intentions to build an entirely new EMotion, but as of 2020, such ideas seem to have been shelved.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Oscar-winning actor would choose a hybrid. Leonardo DiCaprio is renowned for being an avid environmentalist and supporter of safeguarding the earth from the effects of climate change. This car is sleek, seductive, and oh-so fast in contrast to many other “green” vehicles on the road. Leo, you’d better be careful of icebergs!


#5. Drake – Mercedes-Maybach G 650

  • Production Year: 2017
  • Estimated Value: $500,000*

Drake, a Canadian actor-turned-rapper, was the only owner of a Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet in North America at the time this picture was taken. This expensive sport utility vehicle includes a 621-horsepower engine, heated and cooled cup holders, and a foldable canopy for the backseat occupants to enjoy stargazing.

In the event that you want to be chauffeured around like Miss Daisy, the car also includes a diver to divide the front passengers from the back. The singer of “Hotline Bling” is reportedly one of just 99 owners worldwide of this opulent Mercedes.

Although it’s unlikely that the Apple Music rapper will want to spend $1.8 million on a replica of his present vehicle, another Maybach has recently become available for purchase. It is also “lightly used.” In late January 2020, the Mercedes Maybach G650 Landaulet became available for purchase. No word yet on whether it has any wealthy takers.

#6. Kate Upton – Mercedes-Benz SLS 6.3 AMG

Kate Upton
  • Production Year: 2009
  • Estimated Value: $248,000

The Mercedes-Benz SLS 6.3 AMG is supermodel Kate Upton’s cherished possession, which she loves to flaunt. This $248,000 vehicle is incredibly quick. Given that the automobile can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds and has a top speed of approximately 200 miles per hour, the Sports Illustrated cover girl certainly doesn’t often use the full capability of the vehicle.

Kate also owns a Tesla Model S, which is said to be worth $110,000 and is more fuel-efficient than this speed demon. Because celebrities are often ardent environmentalists, Tesla has developed quite a celebrity following. Hollywood heavyweights including Ben Affleck, Cameron Diaz, Will Smith, Demi Moore, Eva Longoria, Morgan Freeman, Katy Perry, and Steven Spielberg are among those who are present alongside Kate Upton. Joe Rogan, a shock jock, owns one as well.

Upton was a really good athlete in her youth in addition to becoming a supermodel. She was a talented young rider who competed at the national level. She reportedly increased from having one horsepower to 631!

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