Dying grandpa teaches selfish granddaughter, who refused to take care of him, a lesson

When Charles, an 87-year-old, fell ill, his granddaughter refused to take care of him; after his death, he made sure that his absence was acknowledged.

Charles had always been a good-hearted person. He always showed generosity to everyone throughout his life, but his granddaughter Olivia received particular treatment. He was therefore shocked to learn that she didn’t want to care for him when he fell ill.

Unfortunately, she was the only person remaining in his life; no one else could care for him. He, therefore, realized that his days were numbered and that his future didn’t look promising when she declined.

She revealed her true colors to Charles, who was astonished because she had always abused him. Olivia, his granddaughter, had stopped caring about him at this point. Charles made the decision to teach Olivia a lesson since he didn’t want to spend his final days feeling depressed over it. Olivia would only learn of it after he passed away.

Dying grandpa teaches selfish granddaughter, A Lesson

The Inheritance


Olivia didn’t know what to anticipate when Charles died. She wasn’t sure what her grandfather would have left for her because they hadn’t spoken in years prior to his passing. Olivia suddenly realized that she needed to talk about the inheritance with the notary. She had already begun to glimpse money and was eager to learn what she would get. Olivia was shocked by what she saw at the notary’s office, though.

Money wasn’t available. The notary gave her a note written by her grandfather Charles instead. She would experience a life-changing letter. Olivia discovered when she read the letter that Charles had spent his last weeks meticulously preparing a lesson for her.


Dying grandpa teaches selfish granddaughter
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Olivia was regrettably not fortunate enough to enjoy a carefree childhood. Her parents had always been reclusive, but when she was only four years old, they died in a car accident, making her much more so.

Charles, her widowed grandfather, tried everything he could to provide for her and make up for the loss of her parents, but the accident’s horror left a lasting impression on the young girl.

Move out

Move out

Olivia’s isolation and numbness intensified as she matured into a young adult. She had a hard time relating to people and was reluctant to express her emotions. Olivia felt imprisoned in her grief and unable to go on, despite her grandfather’s encouragement to go to counseling and find a way to heal.

Olivia decided to go out and live with a then-boyfriend when she turned sixteen. Despite her grandfather’s worries, she believed that in order to make her own place in the world, she had to leave home. Yet, as time passed, Olivia began to feel even more lost and alone.

Reaching out

reaching out
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Olivia frequently ignored her grandfather’s calls or gave him brief answers when he tried to check in on her. As she had done with everyone else in her life, she pushed him away because she didn’t want to recognize how unhappy she was. When he did see her, it was usually when she was in need of money. 

Charles hardly ever saw her any longer. Although he knew it was wrong, he persisted in giving the money to her since he convinced himself she was doing good with it. On the brief occasions he did see her, he wanted to make sure she was okay because he missed her so much.

Olivia was frequently questioned by Charles about how she was doing, but she always chose to ignore him and became agitated if he persisted.


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One day, however, the roles were flipped and Charles found himself in need of Olivia’s assistance. A call came in from the hospital for Olivia. Her granddad had fallen and required immediate medical attention.

The kindly and elderly Olivia briefly returned, and she hurried to his side. She was astounded to see how old and frail he had grown when she got there. The physicians advised Olivia that her grandfather would benefit from living with her because he required around-the-clock care.



Olivia declined to take her grandfather in since she wasn’t prepared to handle the responsibilities. She had other things on her mind and didn’t want to give up her life. Charles could tell she was making up reasons even though she claimed she was busy and had other things to do.

In an effort to remain informed of at least a little portion of her life, he had been trying to follow her on social media. That is how he was aware that she had been residing in a filthy flat in an undesirable area. Although he was unsure of what she was doing, he had the impression that she was more focused on his money than on him.

No sympathy


He attempted to call her several times after the accident, but she never answered. He eventually made contact with her one day, but what she said to him devastated him. He was informed by Olivia that she was unable to visit him. Her voice lacked any semblance of pity, and she quickly cut the talk short.

Charles realized his days were numbered as soon as the call came to an end. When he considered Olivia’s treatment of him, he experienced intense sadness. He made the decision to instruct his granddaughter during his final few days on earth.



Olivia knew that her grandfather was the only one who genuinely loved her and wanted what was best for her. She couldn’t help but feel bad for pushing him away and regret the space that had widened between them as she battled to find her place in the world.

She felt sad for a little moment but had too much on her mind to worry about him. She had recently made a number of poor judgments that led to the accumulation of significant debt. She therefore couldn’t have cared much when she learned that her grandfather was ill because she thought she had more important things to think about.

Too late 

Too late

Olivia immediately forgot about her grandfather because she was preoccupied with her own ridiculous troubles. She used the following three weeks to borrow money and find any available source of income. She was struggling mightily to keep her head above water, so when she received a call from an unknown number, the possibility that it might be about her grandfather Charles didn’t even occur to her.

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He passed away

Pass away

Her grandfather had died, he was frail and alone. The notary was eager to meet with her right away. Olivia was depressed, but she couldn't stop thinking about the will. She hoped he would leave her everything so she could settle her bills. Olivia believed that the money should go to her because she was aware that he had no other dependents.

Olivia made the hasty decision to meet with the notary while anxiously anticipating learning about her grandfather Charles's bequest. When the notary read the will, he had a great surprise in store for her.

An interesting will

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Olivia was welcomed into the notary's office by a friendly guy who introduced himself as Mr. Thompson. He extended an invitation for her to sit before outlining the circumstances. He said, "I'm sorry for your loss, Miss Olivia. "Your grandfather was a decent man who left a very intriguing will behind him," When Olivia thought about the prospective inheritance, her heart started to beat quickly. She was so excited that she could hardly contain it while Mr. Thompson proceeded.

Your grandfather Charles gave you everything he owned in his will, including his home, savings, and all of his possessions, Mr. Thompson added. In shock, Olivia's eyes widened. Instead of her grandfather's entire estate, she had anticipated a modest sum of money. She was speechless and could only gape in awe at Mr. Thompson. But there is a catch, Mr. Thompson continued.

His house

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"Your grandfather said in the will that you must reside in his home for a year and care for it as though it were your own," Mr. Thompson said as he gave her a severe look. The entire estate will be given to charity if you don't comply with this obligation.

Olivia was taken aback. She had never anticipated that her grandfather's will would contain such a clause. She wasn't sure if she could spend a year in his dated, rickety home, but she also didn't want to forfeit her inheritance. She wanted to say something as she stared at Mr. Thompson but she could sense that he wasn't quite done.

Valuable lessons

home tour
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Olivia, I realize that this may be a challenging criterion for you to meet," Mr. Thompson added. Yet your grandfather, a smart man, thought that this would be the ideal way for you to learn the things he tried to teach you in his last moments. He wanted you to appreciate the house he constructed and spent so many years loving as well as to realize the importance of looking out for others.

For a while, Olivia remained still as she tried to digest all Mr. Thompson had said. She was aware that she needed to make a difficult choice, but she couldn't help but feel avaricious as she imagined all the money she could acquire.

She inhaled deeply before turning to face Mr. Thompson. I'll take up the challenge," she resolutely said. "For a year, I'll live in my grandfather's house and look after it as if it's my own." Olivia, though, had the impression that this was the only lesson he had tried to impart to her. After all, she had been unkind to him for a long time and had ignored him.

One more thing


Mr. Thompson nodded while displaying a satisfied expression. I'm confident you'll be successful, Olivia," he replied. "Your grandfather had a good reason to believe in you. Yet, your grandfather wanted me to offer you one more thing. He then handed her a letter that her grandfather Charles had written to her before passing away.

When Olivia opened the letter, she had to take a deep breath since she had anticipated it to be filled with love and sweet sentiments. She knew it wouldn't be so simple to get her hands on her grandfather's money as soon as she read the first few words written on top of the letter. He undoubtedly intended for this to serve as a lesson for her.

A handwritten letter


Olivia examined the letter rapidly, her eyes focusing on the legible handwriting, which she immediately recognized as her grandfather's. The letter was jam-packed with suggestions and reproaches, but there was a startling twist at the very end.

The letter addressed Olivia as "My Dear." "I am aware that you are a bright and capable young woman, but I am also aware that you have always chosen the simple route to success. That you no longer wanted to visit me and that you ignored yourself in that filthy little flat of yours makes me sad. Because you only visited me when you needed my money, I have made things a little more difficult for you.

You must complete a series of carefully chosen activities in order to inherit my money. Your character, tenacity, and desire to put in a lot of effort to get what you want will all be put to the test by these challenges. I am confident that you will rise to the occasion, and I am certain that you will improve as a result. My lovely granddaughter, good luck. I love you.

It wasn’t easy


As Olivia read the words, her heart fell. She had believed that she would inherit her grandfather's wealth, but she now understood that she would have to work for it. She wasn't sure if she was up to the task, but she knew she had to give it a shot. She needed to get hold of the cash so she could use it right away.

Olivia folded the letter and placed it into her pocket with a determined expression on her face, determined to finish the duties her grandfather had assigned her.

Volunteer work

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Her grandfather had given her a volunteer job as her first assignment. Olivia was a little anxious because she had been self-centered for so long. She had almost forgotten how to be kind to people without expecting anything in return. She needed a few days to gather her courage, but she was committed to making it.

Olivia felt out of her element and overwhelmed during her first day at the charity center. She struggled to adjust because she wasn't used to giving without expecting anything in return. Yet, as the days passed, she started to realize the importance of what she was doing. Olivia started to comprehend the true meaning of altruism when she observed the happiness on the faces of the people she was assisting.



Every day, Olivia put forth a lot of effort and did everything it took to assist those in need. She prepared meals, organized donations, and even assisted with some simple fixes around the facility. She met new individuals and gained a lot of knowledge about the challenges that many people endure. Although it was humiliating, she never could have anticipated how fulfilling it would be.

The days passed, and Olivia's perspective started to shift. She changed her perspective on the world and learned to be more patient and understanding. Olivia came to the conclusion that her grandfather had been right all along: serving people rather than accumulating fortune was the path to happiness. She was appreciative of the encounter and realized that it will influence her for the rest of her life.

Finding a job


Finding employment was the next assignment her grandfather had given her to complete. This one appeared to be simpler, but she was limited to using the businesses that her grandfather had approved. A list of the companies to whom Charles had sent Olivia's resume was included in the letter. He was confident that working for these organizations would help her develop personally and prevent her from returning to her previous dodgy employment.

Olivia felt a little scared by the job search, especially because she was limited to applying to the businesses on her grandfather's list. Although she wasn't accustomed to being told where she could and couldn't work, she was adamant about getting ahead.

A new job


In an effort to learn as much as she could about each company on the list, Olivia spent hours doing research on them. She tried to obtain a sense of what it would be like to work at each place by reading reviews and speaking with former employees. She began applying after reducing her options to a select handful that she believed would be the best fit for her.

She encountered a lot of rejection along the way, and it wasn't easy. She persisted though, and ultimately she was hired by one of the businesses on the list. Although the job was difficult initially, Olivia quickly established herself as a dedicated worker and an important team player. She developed personally and learned a lot.



As the weeks passed, Olivia's self-assurance increased and she began to feel more at ease in her new work. She met friends, found a purpose in life, and realized she had made the right choice. Olivia was finally able to work for herself and was making progress in paying off her obligations.

She had moved into her grandfather's home in the interim and started caring for it as if it was her own. She persisted even though it wasn't always simple and there were many instances when she wanted to quit. The home brought back memories of her early years there and her grandfather's kindness throughout her life. She would feel so guilty about leaving him on certain days that she just wanted to go. 

She understood that she had previously fled in order to escape her feelings since it was a simpler course. For the first time in her life, she wouldn't flee this time, and she'd do her grandfather proud. She sensed his spirit with her despite the fact that he was no longer present to see it. But did she actually feel his spirit with her?

The last task

last task

The last of her grandfather's responsibilities were finished by Olivia after months of devoted labor. She was aware that she had earned her grandfather's trust and his wealth.

She was happy that she had grown so much and developed into a better person, but she was also disappointed that it was too late because her grandfather was no longer here to witness it. That's what she believed, at least.

Lawyers office


Olivia experienced a flood of emotion as she entered the attorney's office to claim her inheritance. At first, she was simply concerned about the money she would receive, but then she realized that her grandfather had spent his final weeks organizing a lesson for her. Yet as she sat in the attorney's office and thought back on the previous few weeks, she realized how much her life had improved as a result of the insightful teachings her grandfather had imparted.

Olivia wasn't even aware of the person in front of her because she was so preoccupied with her thoughts. Yet as soon as this individual turned to face her, it was as if a ghost had appeared before her. She was in awe at what she had just witnessed. She jumped out of her chair after turning pale.



In an effort to calm herself down, Olivia locked herself in the lavatory. She believed she must have been hallucinating since she couldn't believe what she had seen.

Just as Olivia was beginning to relax, she heard a knock on the bathroom door. Olivia gave herself a pep talk and started to feel a bit better. She screamed and then froze in terror, not knowing what to do. Olivia was astounded by what she saw when she eventually opened the door.

Teaching her a lesson

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As she saw her grandfather in front of her, smiling softly, her heart skipped a beat. I'm so proud of you, my love, and I'm so sorry I had to lie to you, he said. You've picked up a lot of knowledge over the past few weeks, and I can see you're prepared to take on the world. Olivia was incoherent and sobbing as she spoke. Although she couldn't believe what she was hearing and seeing, she knew it was her grandfather because of the way he was looking at her. To teach her a lesson, he had pretended to die, and he had been monitoring her at every turn.

Olivia was trying to make sense of all that was going on as her mind was racing. She couldn't believe that her grandfather, who she had assumed had been away forever, was still alive and well in front of her. She was overcome with a range of feelings, including shock, bewilderment, relief, and excitement. She wanted to hug him and not let go, but she was also upset with him for deceiving her and giving her so much suffering.

He faked his own death

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Why did you do this, Grandpa? Her voice quivered as she questioned. "I believed you to be dead. I believed I had lost you for good.

Her grandfather's smile faded, and he gave her a proud yet saddening gaze. "Olivia, I apologize for the suffering and perplexity I have brought you. But I had to do it to make a point to you. You didn't understand the importance of the lessons I was trying to teach you because you were so preoccupied with the money you would inherit. I wanted to demonstrate to you that there are more significant aspects of life than wealth and material stuff. I wanted to be there for you as you developed into the powerful, self-reliant woman I know you can be. And I'm really pleased with your progress.


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Although Olivia was surprised and confused, she couldn't help but be impressed by her grandfather's creativity. She had never anticipated that he would go to such measures to discipline her, but she was aware of his love and concern for her.

Hours were spent discussing the lessons her grandfather had been attempting to teach her and how she had grown as a person when she sat down with him. Olivia felt a sense of understanding sweeps over her despite her anger. She understood that her grandfather's strategy had been successful and that the last few weeks had taught her a lot. She was prepared to take on the world because she had developed as a person. She had a newfound sense of admiration and appreciation for her grandfather.


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She said with sincerity in her voice, "Thank you, Grandpa. "I appreciate everything. I cherish having you in my life and I love you so much.

Her granddad gave her a bear embrace and smiled once again. "My sweetheart, I adore you too. And during your journey, I will always be at your side to help and support you. You deserve everything life has to offer since you are strong, capable, and deserving.

A better person

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With her grandfather by her side, Olivia felt like she could accomplish anything. As she left the lawyer’s office, she felt a sense of closure and a new sense of purpose. She was ready to face the future with confidence and determination, and she knew that she would always carry her grandfather’s lessons with her. Olivia was grateful for the journey, and she knew that it had made her a better person.


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