This Team of Archaeologists Opened the Tomb of Jesus For the First Time in Centuries

Due to the fact that Israel is home to some of Christianity’s holiest sites, Christians have long flocked there as pilgrims. The most important of which can be found in its capital, Jerusalem – Jesus Christ’s tomb.


This is where Jesus’ body was laid to rest after he died on the cross. The tomb at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is widely regarded as Jesus’ most widely accepted burial site to date.

Location of the tomb

According to the New Testament’s account of Jesus‘ death, his tomb was built near the site where he was crucified. The Tomb of Jesus was also said to contain both Jesus’ body and the cross on which he was crucified.

Tomb location

Although the exact burial site of Jesus has not been proven archaeologically, historians believe that his tomb is in the Edicule within the current Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Constantine’s church

Constantine the Great built the first church on the site in 326 CE. It was intended to house the Roman emperor’s personal burial site. Given the historical significance of the location, Constantine dispatched his mother, Helena, to find the exact location of Jesus’ tomb.

Jesus church

Because Jesus died three centuries ago, it was difficult to locate his tomb. Helena, on the other hand, had the assistance of Eusebius, a bishop in the area, who led her to a Roman temple.

Constructing the Edicule

Excavations at the Roman temple revealed the existence of a tomb formed from a limestone cave beneath the temple. The top of the cave had been sheared off, revealing the interior of the tomb. Constantine then built the Edicule around it.


The tomb was said to have a long shelf or a burial bed, and this is where Jesus’ body was laid out when he was taken down from the cross. The shelf was made of limestone, which is a common Jewish tradition.

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