20 Cool Photos Taken During The Filming Of Star Wars

The original Star Wars trilogy’s production was very amazing. The pictures of the actors and crew from these great film productions show how fascinating it was.

01. Construction of the models

Construction of the models
Credit: gloriousa.com

When George Lucas founded Industrial Light & Magic in 1975, he had much more on his mind than just his Star Wars ideas. With this production, Lucas was at the forefront of visual effects development in Hollywood and had a huge influence on the classic Star Wars effects, both physical and digital. Lucas used miniature models before CGI to create illusions for almost all of the space stations and vehicles in Star Wars.

02. Alec Guinness’ 62nd birthday

Alec Guinness’ 62nd birthday
Credit: gloriousa.com

One of the few actors who believed Star Wars: A New Hope would ever succeed despite the serious problems that plagued the movie’s production was Sir Alec Guinness. While filming in Tunisia, Mark Hamill and the Obi-Wan actor are seen celebrating their shared 62nd birthdays in the opening picture. To date, only Guinness has been nominated for an Oscar for his performance in a Star Wars film.

03. Stormtrooper with no mask

Credit: gloriousa.com

Like Darth Vader, the Death Star, and all the other classic Star Wars characters, Stormtroopers are undeniably iconic. Even though they have a bad reputation for having a poor aim, they have a terrifying presence. Their initial goal was for their helmets to be “terrifying, but also extraordinarily smooth and clean,” with a design that resembled a skull. Despite the fact that various varieties have since been produced, the original “troopers,” the Stormtroopers, will always be remembered.

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