Top 10 Strangest Insurance Plans We’ve Seen

The average insurance policy provides coverage for accidents that result in injuries, fatalities, or property damage. These typical dangers are simple to identify and mitigate. But what about the particular threats to your personal and professional lives? There is a business that will write a policy for any risk, even if insurance shouldn’t always be the first or only risk management strategy you choose.

This is a list of the 10 Strangest insurance plans that we’ve encountered. Although they may seem strange to the average person, they typically shield the owner from a very serious peril (with the possible exception of #6)!

Top 10 Strangest Insurance Plans

1. Hairy Situations

A good mustache is not only a thing of beauty, but it also appears to have great value. Merv Hughes, a cricket player, insures his mustache for an astounding $370,000. The staggering $7,000,000 insurance coverage offered to protect the chest hair of singer Tom Jones dwarfs this sum.

Merv Hughes

2. Tastes Like Money to Me

Unbelievably, there is an insurance plan that will protect your taste buds. Egon Ronay, a food critic, insures his taste buds for a stunning $393,000.

Egon Ronay

3. Sitting On a Fortune

Would you shell up $27 million for a seat? It appears that an insurance provider will spend that much on J. Lo’s. Jennifer Lopez, an actress, and singer, reportedly obtained a $27 million policy for her butt. If they really write a check to cover it, it will be 27 followed by 6 zeros.

Jennifer Lopez

4. Can’t Buy Me, Love

While love cannot be purchased, it appears that it may be insured against. A $100,000 insurance policy from Lloyd’s of London was obtained to cover a photographer in case his prize model got married. Does she have a spouse? Indeed, but just after the policy had run out of time.


5. The Sky Is Falling

With the right insurance, Chicken Little might have been able to sleep a little easier. For instance, a falling sputnik “death caused by accident” insurance policy was proposed and ultimately provided. There has never been a documented case of a death brought on by falling satellite, shuttle, or space station components in the 52 years since Sputnik was launched.


6. A Million Year Payout

Which insurance pays you back as much as $1 a year for a million years? Obviously, alien abduction insurance. Why receive the rewards all at once when you may spread them out over a million years? The benefit of being kidnapped, I suppose, is a meager but reliable money source that will be challenging to survive without. The first company to offer this special coverage was St. Lawrence Agency in Florida, and it claims to have settled at least two claims.


7. Not for Laughter

What transpires when a comedy team is unable to resolve its differences? They didn’t take any chances, Abbott and Costello. The celebrity couple purchased a $250,000 insurance policy to protect them in the event of a team breakdown.

Abbott and Costello

8. Clarity of Thought

While the perfect vision for reading is ideal, there are instances when having cross eyes is more advantageous. Famous silent cinema actor Ben Turpin has crossed eyes. You make money in Hollywood by sticking out, not by blending in. Ben did this in order to secure a lucrative payout in the event that his eyes ever become uncrossed.

Ben Turpin

9. Cold Feet

A bride-to-be would suffer emotional harm if she was abandoned at the altar (like poor Edith in Downton Abbey). What about the monetary losses? Nowadays, one in five marriages has cancellation insurance. But, carefully read the policy because some demand that the cancellation is due to circumstances “beyond the policyholder’s control.”


10. I Only Ordered One of These Babies

What happens if a mother gives birth to two infants rather than one? If you were wise enough to purchase multiple-birth insurance, you might soon be receiving a check to assist with the expenses associated with your unexpected family growth.


Insurance Is About Comfort of Mind, Strange or Not

To the typical person, the majority of these insurance policies seem ridiculous and absurd, and in some cases, they really are. But keep in mind that everyone has a different definition of peace of mind, which is one of the reasons insurance exists. Is there anything in your life that keeps you up at night? You might not feel the need to ensure your butt, mustache, or chest hair.

In these domains, risk management is essential, and it shouldn’t merely take the shape of an insurance policy.

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