Ford Stock Forecast 2024, 2025, 2030 and 2040

Ford Motor Company, a global American auto manufacturer, has its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. Henry Ford founded it in 1903. On November 3, 1901, Henry Ford launched The Henry Ford Enterprise, his first effort at launching a car manufacturing business before founding Ford.

On August 22, 1902, it adopted the name Cadillac Motor Company. The Ford Motor Company was formally established on June 16, 1903.

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While the Ford brand sells both cars and commercial vehicles, the Lincoln brand concentrates on selling premium vehicles. Ford also owns 8% of Aston Martin, 32% of Jiangling Motors in China, Troller, and other companies in addition to its core businesses.

In this article, the Ford stock price is predicted for the years 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, and 2040. Let’s get started by delving into the forecast’s major highlights for Ford’s stock.

YearLowest priceMedium priceHighest price
Ford Stock Forecast 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

Ford Stock Price Prediction 2022

Our forecasts indicate that the Ford stock could go as low as $18.50 and as high as $21.25 in 2022. However, according to our prediction, the stock will remain stable in 2022 at an average selling price of $19.75. This suggests that your Ford stock may appreciate in 2022 if you presently own some.

Ford Stock Price Forecast 2023

Our calculations and projections indicate that the stock price of Amazon will peak at $26.50 by 2023 and dip as low as $23.00. But if the market doesn’t change, our forecast indicates that the stocks will stabilize at a higher-than-average selling price of $24.75, up from the prior year.

This suggests a promising chance to sell your stocks in 2023 and possibly make more money than you had anticipated. Be sure to get ready for a possible positive outcome.

Ford Stock Price Prediction 2024

Our team of specialists has conducted comprehensive market research and analysis and has generated some intriguing projections for Ford’s shareholding. The Ford stock is predicted to hit an astounding all-time high of $32.50 in 2024.

The price is anticipated to stay over $28.25, even if there is a minor decline, ensuring that it will remain higher than the previous year. The predicted average selling price of Ford shares is $30.25, assuming a stable market with no significant volatility.

Ford Motors

This suggests that 2024 offers an excellent opportunity for seasoned investors to sell their holdings and increase their gains. It’s undoubtedly a year to pay attention to and make calculated choices to take advantage of the promising market trends.

Ford Stock Price Forecast 2025

We are delighted to say that 2025 will present fantastic prospects for all investors who have contributed money and time to Ford. We anticipate that the stock market will prosper this year based on our broad expertise and superior stock judgment.

Ford stock is anticipated to reach highs and lows of $40.25 and $34.75, respectively. We expect the shares to stabilize at $37.50 in the event of an extraordinary economic scenario in which stability is maintained without large changes.

We highly advise all investors to keep a careful eye on both the equities they intend to buy and those that will be traded in 2025. Making informed decisions and being informed is essential.

Keep in mind that right now is the perfect time to take action, so seize the chance and benefit from the favorable market conditions.

Ford Stock Price Prediction 2026

Make sure your choice is well-considered whether you plan to buy or sell Ford shares in 2026. We advise using caution when making financial decisions because there is always some element of economic vulnerability whether trading or investing. 

Our analysis predicts that Ford will sell its vehicles for $49.50 at their peak point in 2026. However, the lowest price is anticipated to be $43.25. It’s critical to remember that the market is still stable and that the economy is still supporting it.

Considering these variables, we predict that Ford shares will continue to trade at an average price of $46.25 throughout the year. This suggests a promising future for investors, but it’s important to proceed cautiously and take the state of the market into account before making any investment decisions.

Ford Stock Price Forecast 2027

All Ford stockholders, pay attention! Prepare for a year of good fortune and optimism in 2027. According to our forecasts, each of your Ford shares will see a spectacular increase. Estimates place the highest point at an amazing $61.25 and the lowest position at about $53.50.

The stock is anticipated to trade at around $57.25 if the economy stays stable, which is a hope shared by many.


According to these numbers, Ford’s stock value is expected to skyrocket in 2027. But we also advise taking into account a long-term investment plan. According to our projections, the price might continue to rise in the years to come. We urge you to trade or think about buying more shares if you want to take full advantage of this chance and reach your objective of holding more stocks.

You might be able to increase the value of your investments by 2027 if you act now and increase your holdings. So fasten your seatbelt and be ready to capture the Ford stock market possibilities that are coming.

Ford Stock Price Predictions 2028

Ford stock has consistently increased in value over the years. We predict that this upward trend will persist through 2028. Our predictions suggest that Ford shares might reach a peak of $76.00, which would be the greatest value during that year, based on previous trends. On the other hand, we predict that the lowest point may be close to $66.50.

Our prediction indicates that taking into account these variables, the average selling price of Ford shares in 2028 will be almost $71.00. This signifies that investors have a good future and that Ford’s stock value will likely continue to rise.

Ford Stock Price Forecast 2029

The year 2029 holds bright financial prospects for all Ford shareholders. Our forecasts indicate that the highest recorded price for Ford shares this year will be $92.50 and the lowest point will be somewhere around $80.50. However, thanks to the stable market conditions, each stakeholder can anticipate a favorable return of $86.75.

Get ready to potentially reap the benefits and boost your wealth in 2029 if you now own Ford shares. However, we must stress the significance of carrying out our study and analysis before putting any investment strategy into practice.

Always seek counsel from a financial professional who can give you individualized assistance based on your unique circumstances. Keep in mind that there is risk involved in both trading and investing, and that risk can be successfully reduced by making well-informed decisions.

Ford Stock Price Predictions 2030

We are optimistic about Ford’s long-term success given that it is one of the industries with the strongest growth rates. Furthermore, financial markets are predicted to increase significantly by 2030. In that year, analysts predict Ford’s share price could rise to $98.50.

The price of a Ford share is predicted to rise to $112.50 in the first half of 2030. The company’s valuation should increase even more over the following six months, reaching $106.75 per share. These forecasts are based on both our analysis and in-depth market research performed by numerous macroeconomic analysts and specialists.

The future seems promising if you already own Ford stock or are thinking about doing so. However, it is critical to proceed with caution and properly assess your assets before making any decisions. Based on market circumstances and performance, we advise waiting until 2030 to evaluate possible consequences.

To make educated investing decisions, it is always good to keep up with current events and seek advice from financial experts. By doing this, you can successfully navigate the market and perhaps profit from Ford and other investments’ promising future.

Ford Stock Price Forecast 2040

If you’ve been using our equity investing prediction model, be ready to be amazed by what we have in store for you in 2040. It’s like receiving a gift before Christmas that you may enjoy by utilizing the money from your investments in Ford shares.

Instead of the actual Christmas on December 25, we’re referring to the cash bump you’ll experience in 2040.

Our predictions indicate that Ford stock will trade at its highest price ever in 2040, reaching new heights. Be prepared for a maximum share price of $725; the lowest price is anticipated to be around $615. Since these prices are much higher than they were in prior years, there is great growth potential.

Ford stock is anticipated to stay around $655 on average for the year. So bid the waiting time farewell and welcome any additional funds that may come your way.

Witnessing your money grow and maybe earning substantial rewards is a thrilling opportunity. Watch your Ford stock closely and prepare to reap the rewards financially in 2040.


The New York Stock Exchange, a well-known stock trading venue, is where you may discover FORD shares being exchanged. Ford made a significant announcement in March 2022 about its intention to divide into three separate sectors, each with a particular focus.

The first focus of Ford Blue will be internal combustion engines, demonstrating the company’s dedication to this age-old technology.

Second, the Ford Model E will only be used for electric vehicles, representing Ford’s outlook on the development of environmentally friendly transportation. Last but not least, the current commercial branch will change into Ford Pro and concentrate on car distribution and service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to buy Ford stock directly from the company?

You can buy Ford stock directly from Ford Motor Company, so the answer is yes. Typically, you would have to use a securities brokerage company to purchase shares, along with paying a processing fee. Simply launch a web browser and go to the website to begin going.

Do I get any special offers since I’m a Ford shareholder?

The X-Plan, often known as the Ford Shareholders Discount Programme, may be available to you if you are a Ford shareholder. With this program, you can purchase brand-new Ford cars at substantial savings. With this program, you might be able to save thousands of dollars depending on the individual car you want to buy.

What happens if I possess 100 Ford stock shares?

A person’s dividend payment is “pro-rata,” or calculated according to how much of the company’s stock they own. For instance, if Made Up Company, a fictitious business, declares a dividend of $0.40 per share and you own 100 shares, you would get $40 in dividends. This indicates that the dividend payout is determined according to how many shares you own.

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