10 Famous Celebrities With Million-Dollar Body Part Insurance

Your favorite celebrities are well-paid, so it seems to reason that they would want to safeguard their wealth. Many celebrities, or the companies they represent, have taken out insurance policies on specific parts of their well-known anatomy, which is admittedly unusual for the regular individual.

They will still be able to profit even if the affected body part is hurt. Although it may sound a little harsh, doing this will ensure that they are protected in the event of an accident.

Some famous people, in fact, don’t simply safeguard one area of their body; they shield several parts of it from financial harm. It goes without saying that any celebrity renowned enough to insure even one body part is a fairly big thing, and the insurance plans they purchase are very expensive.

Celebrities With Million-Dollar Body Part Insurance

#1. David Beckham

David Beckham
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David Beckham, a former professional football player, announced his retirement from the sport in 2013, but not before ensuring that his well-known legs were financially secure. He insured his legs via Lloyd’s of London for almost $140 million in 2006. He took precautions to make sure he would still have enough money if he was forced into early retirement since it is obvious that he realized that bending it like Beckham came with the potential of a career-ending injury.

  • Body part: Legs
  • Insurance: $140 million

#2. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey
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Mariah Carey’s “Sweet Fantasy” tour began in 2016, but preparations went beyond just rehearsing. According to TMZ, the legendary diva purchased a $35 million insurance policy for her voice and a second $35 million policy for her legs.

This might appear overkill at first, but it was really fantastic. Carey had insurance money to fall back on if she had suffered a vocal cord or leg injury that required her to postpone performances or stop the tour early.

  • Body part: Legs & Voice
  • Insurance : $35 million + $35 million 

#3. Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig
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Daniel Craig declared that “No Time to Die,” which is set for release in October 2021, would be his final James Bond movie after appearing in five of them. As he performs his own stunts and has had countless on-set injuries over the years, Craig hasn’t taken playing the legendary secret agent lightly.

Before shooting the 2008 movie “Quantum of Solace,” he reportedly took out a $9.5 million insurance policy on his entire body, according to People. Uncertainty surrounds whether he followed the same procedure for the remaining books in the series.

  • Body part: Full Body
  • Insurance: $9.5 million

#4. Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis
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Jamie Lee Curtis, a well-known actress, was chosen to represent L’Eggs Pantyhose in 1996. According to Newsweek, parent company Sara Lee, Corp. purchased a $1 million insurance policy on its securities through Lloyd’s of London to safeguard its investment.

The television and print campaign starring Curtis undoubtedly cost Sara Lee, Corp. a lot of money, therefore covering her legs safeguarded its investment. According to reports, the business teamed up with the actress in an effort to appeal to women more.

  • Body part: Legs
  • Insurance: $1 million

#5. America Ferrera

America Ferrera
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America Ferrera, an actress who starred in “Ugly Betty” in 2007, had Aquafresh White Trays insure her smile for $10 million. In an effort to collect money for the nonprofit Smiles for Success, the corporation purchased a Lloyd’s of London policy on her smile.

In a statement posted to Lloyd’s website, Ferrera stated, “Having my grin insured is quite nice. It’s not anything that I ever anticipated taking place.

  • Body part: Smile
  • Insurance: $10 million

#6. Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum
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Heidi Klum’s legs were shielded while she was a contestant on “Project Runway”; she hosted the reality series from 2004 to 2017. The supermodel told “Extra” in 2011 that a client had $2 million in insurance on her legs.

She claimed that because of a scar from tripping over the glass, her left leg is less valuable than her right, telling the host Maria Menounos. As she explained, “Basically, I was in London and I had to go to this location where they check out your legs,” Klum also provided insight into the insurance procedure.

  • Body part: Legs
  • Insurance: $2 million

#7. Keith Richards

Keith Richards
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Keith Richards, the guitarist for the Rolling Stones, physically created some of the most renowned rock ‘n’ roll compositions by hand. It is therefore not surprising that Lloyd’s of London has insured those hands for $1.6 million.

Richards, a founding member of the renowned British rock band the Rolling Stones, was formed in 1962. The band is still active today. Their North American “No Filter” tour, which was initially planned for the summer of 2020, was postponed because of the COVID-19 epidemic.

  • Body part: Hand
  • Insurance: $1.6 million

#8. Rihanna

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Venus Breeze’s Fifth Annual Search for the Greatest Legs in America was launched after Rihanna won the company’s “Celebrity Legs of a Goddess” Award in 2007. She also served as a judge for Venus Breeze’s “Legs of a Goddess” competition.

In a Procter & Gamble news release, Rihanna commented, “I’m happy that Venus Breeze feels my legs are award-worthy and I’m ready to start the hunt for the woman with the finest legs in America.”

After winning the prize, Rihanna reportedly insured her gams for $1 million since she took her honor very seriously.

  • Body part: Legs
  • Insurance: $1 million

#9. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts
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America’s beloved Julia Roberts is very aware of how much money her brilliant grin brings in. According to People, the actress apparently has a $30 million insurance policy on her well-known smile.

Roberts is a top-tier A-list actress, therefore she has significant earning power despite this huge insurance coverage. According to Variety, she made $20 million at the height of her career for the movie “Erin Brockovich” in 2000. She also earned $3 million in 2016 for “Mother’s Day,” a movie that only needed her for four days of filming.

  • Body part: Smile
  • Insurance: $130 million

#10. Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen
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Bruce Springsteen, a legend of rock and roll, is the first performer to have albums that reached the top five charts in each of the previous six decades. Given how valuable his voice is, “The Boss” has a roughly $5 million Lloyd’s of London insurance policy in place to provide that security.

Springsteen’s most recent album, “Letter to You,” was published in 2020, but he probably feels secure knowing that he won’t be able to continue recording or performing old songs like “Born in the U.S.A.”

  • Body part: Voice
  • Insurance: $5 million

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