TikTok Search Results Contain Massive Misinformation. Check out the entire story here

An Internet trust research company has published a report about the amount of misinformation in the TikTok search results.

Case studies over this social media app suggests that Tik Tok search results are showing 20% of false data

The entire story came to limelight when TikTok and its parent company ByteDance were accused of sending the US data abroad and allowing China-based employees to access US users’ data

The Chinese video sharing company is very much accused for providing false information on its search results

Internet trust researchers at NewsGuard have closely monitores the  TikTok search results and found that almost 20 percent of them contain misinformation.

A TikTok spokesperson Reported on media that their platform do not allow harmful misinformation based on the Community Guidelines.

TikTok reportedly removed over 102 million videos in the first quarter of 2022

The company also made a statement that it is using AI-driven tools to identify videos that go against its Community Guidelines.

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