Best Women’s shoes for foot pain (Buying Guide) 2021

Buying the best women’s shoes for foot pain or heel pain while you are suffering from foot pain is not an easy task. We have taken care of the best doctors advise making list.

Your search will end here with your satisfaction. Read this complete guide and advise article and understand your problem better and make the right choice with a solution.

It is said that the first thing we notice about someone is their shoes. The shoes we wear has a major role in forming our first impression in the minds of others. So, why compromise on our footwear when they are a significant indicator of our personality.

However, if we come to define a pair of good shoes/footwear, they should not only be stylish, trendy, and attractive but super-comfortable as well. Comfort is the first and foremost thing that a buyer should keep in mind while purchasing footwear.

Though comfort is not gender-specific and should be on the top of the list of both men and women usually it is seen that women tend to compromise a lot over comfort in the name of fashion when it comes to buying footwear.

This leads to some severe health issues among women including acute foot pain. That’s why you should know what are the best women’s shoes for foot pain.


Some of the most common issues observed among women wearing the wrong kind of footwear are:

  1. Constant pain in the feet and thighs- Wearing uncomfortable footwear for long hours continuously could lead to pain in the feet and thighs. Once the pain starts and gets severe it might require you to take a painkiller or visit a doctor to get rid of it.
  2. Pain in the lower back region– High heels or uncomfortable footwear with no support for the feet may lead to pain in the lower back region and might affect the posture of your body too. It may lead to sloughing and could cause serious damage to the spinal cord.
  3. Wrong body posture/slouching– As mentioned above wrong footwear can cause permanent damages like wrong body posture and slough back due to discomfort.
  4. Sore feet and toes– If we continue to wear the wrong footwear especially high heels like pencil heels for very long hours without giving any rest to our feet it mat lead to sore toes and feet and redness around the foot region.
  5. Protrusion in the back region (hip line)– If one starts wearing wrong high heels at a very early stage then after a certain point of time they might cause protrusion of the hip line due to wrong footwear.

Apart from pain and discomfort, sometimes wearing wrong footwear could lead to severe and serious health issues among women including-

1. Bunions

They are bony lumps that develop on the outer skin towards the side region of the feet and toes. Once formed one needs to visit a podiatrist and seek medical help. Ice packs may also provide relief to some extent.

2. Corns and Calluses

They are rough, thick patches that are mostly caused due to ill-fitted shoes particularly shoes that bite into our skin and are undersize. Such undersized shoes give way to constant rubbing of the skin with the shoes making the area around our feet thick and patchy.

3. Hammer-toes

It refers to a painful problem in the toes where the toes bend forming an abnormal V-shape (upside-down). The problem could grow serious if not treated early and may even require surgery.

4. Morton’s Neuroma

This refers to the tingling feeling or a sort of numbness we experience leading to pain and discomfort that is caused due to inflammation in the nerves of the toes. It requires help from a foot specialist.

All the problems mentioned are becoming common among women and must not be ignored when early signs are noticed.


There are several reasons that become the causes of such problems in the feet. Before finding out the solutions to them let us trace a few common reasons that are responsible for such problems among women.

  1. Wearing high heels for long hours– Most of the women, tall or short, have a craze for high heels. They not only make them a good look, stylish, and a few inches taller but also give them a kind of confidence.
    However, what we women forget while purchasing these super stylish high heels is that we have to take care of our comfort too.
    Footwear should not only be about style but also comfort and if we tend to wear high heels for long hours of the day continuously then foot pain is bound to happen.
  2. Wearing the wrong size– Women sometimes wear the wrong size of footwear for ages and while oversized shoes can make you look clownish, undersized shoes may lead to acute pain in the feet. Undersized shoes would bite into the skin and not let air pass through them causing pain and discomfort. They may also hinder walking and may lead to other health issues like corns and hammer-toes.
  3. Wearing footwear with no support– If we wear shoes that are without any straps or Velcro band to lend support to our feet, not only do such footwear cause discomfort but if worn for long hours may lead to foot ache and pain in the lower back region.
  4. Wearing low-quality shoes– Quality should be of utmost importance on our priority list while purchasing shoes. If we buy trendy shoes but of low quality, our feet would have to pay a heavy price. So, it is very important to buy good quality and comfortable footwear.
  5. Wearing footwear that is too heavy– While buying footwear it is very important to check the weight of the footwear. If we buy footwear that is too heavy, they would cause pain to the feet if worn for long hours. It is always suggested to wear light-weight footwear that gives air space to the feet and also renders comfort while walking.

Points to be considered while buying shoes for foot pain relief

In order to cure foot pain, women must consider some points while purchasing shoes for foot pain.

How to Buy shoes for foot pain relief?

Approx Time in Reasearch and Buy 2 days

01. Comfort while walking

Women should always test new shoes by walking around the showroom to check if the new shoes that they are going to buy hurt or are comfortable. Only if they find them comfortable, easy to walk with, and firm in their feet should they consider buying them.

02. Not too tight

It is very important to check if the shoes you are going to buy are not too tight for your feet and gives sufficient air space to your feet where you can move your toes freely. If your shoes are too tight for your feet they would cause foot pain once you remove them or wear them for long hours.

03. Consider the heel inches

If you intend to buy heels buy what you could carry easily and can walk in properly. Super high heels are the main reason for foot and back pain among women and must be avoided if possible.

04. Shoes that offer support to your feet

It is always advisable to buy footwear/ shoes for foot pain that offer support to your heels which otherwise would start aching and cause discomfort. Shoes that support your heels are easy to carry and comfortable.

05. Wear light weighted shoes

Often women tend to forget to check the weight of the shoes and end up buying shoes that are too heavy. If they weigh too much, they would create pressure on the feet, and walking in them becomes a tiresome affair as well as leads to foot pain. So, women must always try to buy light weighted shoes for foot pain relief.

06. Wear the doctor’s sole

Women who suffer from regular foot pain should wear shoes with doctor’s sole. In such kind of footwear, there are soft cushiony pads towards the base that touches your feet and gives a super comfortable feel to the wearer. They are one of the best options for women who have joints or foot pain.

07. Consider your purpose

While purchasing shoes it is very important to reconsider the purpose of buying those new pairs of shoes. Suppose you are buying shoes for office purposes then you should be looking for something comfortable, lightweight, and classy instead of going for pencil heels that might cause discomfort to the feet.

08. Wear platform heels

Sometimes due to various factors heels are inescapable. Many women are short and heels for them is a matter of necessity than style or comfort. Such girls/women to avoid foot pain must go for platform heels or wedges instead of wearing pencil heels. Platform heels would provide the right kind of support to their feet as well as provide comfort to their feet for a longer time.

09. Quality and brand

Among all the other factors it is equally important to consider the brand you are buying and the quality of the shoes. Low-quality shoes might cause discomfort as well as leave marks on your feet. Good quality shoes are durable, lightweight as well as super comfortable. Thus, it is always advisable to buy affordable good quality shoes for foot pain to experience comfort while wearing footwear.

10. The material used

Considering the material used to make the shoes is also an important factor we usually skip. They should not be made of very hard material if required to be worn for casual purposes or very long hours of the day. Moreover, they would also weigh more leading to foot pain if worn for a longer duration.

Thus, these points should be considered while buying a new pair of shoes for foot pain relief.

List of Best Women’s shoes for foot pain

To get relief from foot pain, it is very important that women suffering from foot pain buy shoes that are comfortable, easy to carry yet stylish.
So, here is a list of some brands that offer women’s shoes for foot pain, and it provides great comfort to your feet, eases pain, and looks stylish.

01. Aravon

These stylish yet comfortable casual shoes are designed for women especially those suffering from foot pain. With perfect fit, excellent quality, and all-day comfort they are the first choice for women suffering from foot pain. They have unique features that give comfort to the feet like Abzorb cushioning, soft seam linings and offer good support to the feet.

02. Arcopedico

These extremely light-weighted and comfortable shoes are a perfect choice for women suffering either from foot pain or even serious issues like corns and calluses, hammertoes, bunions, and the like. They provide the feet the required breathing space making them super comfy and easy to move around in for hours.

They are easy to maintain as they could be washed in the washing machine thereby making them completely hassle-free. Their soft, stretchy material has provided them the status of orthopedic shoes due to their foot comforting qualities. Their L1 14, LS, and L2 are some of the favorite picks among women.

03. Klogs

These light-weight and comfortable range of shoes are slip-resistant, oil-resistant, and non-marking. Klogs come in various vibrant colors that make them look cute and comfortable for women both at the same time as well as hold easy maintenance.

The most preferred brand of Klogs is “Crocs” for their excellent quality and exclusive range that solves the problem of women suffering from foot pain and problems with a stylish solution.

04. Teva Naot

Teva Naot is an exclusive range of comfortable shoes for foot pain developed by Israel-based shoe and sandal manufacturers. They are made of such material that molds according to the shape of the foot and looks like footprints on the sand.

They help in distributing the weight equally around the foot and also offer support to your feet. They are designed to provide comfort to the feet and ease them from pain.


Women suffering from foot pain and related issues should shop for the most comfortable shoes for foot pain “OOFOS” which is easy to carry and a comfortable solution to their foot problem.

What makes them stand apart is that they are shock resistant and absorb 37% more shock than any other footwear material. They are among the recommendation of podiatrists to their patients suffering from foot pain or other issues relating to feet.

06. Softwalk

Softwalk offers an exclusive range of super comfortable, flexible, and lightweight shoes for women suffering from foot pain. They are classy and comfortable and do not compromise on the style. Available in various shapes, sizes, designs, and colors women facing issues like foot pain can go for them without thinking twice.

07. Fidelio

Fidelio footwear is sandal-like footwear that looks stylish yet comfortable offering great support to your foot. One can wear them and work for long hours without feeling tired or putting excessive pressure on their feet.

The soft cushiony pads given towards the base of this footwear give a super comfy feel to the foot while walking around.

08. Brooks

They are basically running shoes for women who are in the sports field or are just looking for a comfortable and stylish option of sports shoes for running, jogging, or their morning walk.

Available in various colors, the main feature of these sports shoes is they are extremely lightweight and one feels no pressure on the feet while wearing these shoes.

08. Vital

These are leather-made shoes for foot pain that has cushioned pads that gently massages the feet while walking and are designed keeping in mind the all-day comfort of the wearer.

They are a perfect shoe option for office going women as they look formal, classy, and stylish all at the same time while being extremely comfortable. They also have adjustable hooks offering a great grip to the feet and could be worn during long office hours comfortably.

09. MBT

MBT physiological footwear originated in Switzerland. These are walking shoes designed keeping into consideration the style as well as the comfort of women.

These shoes help in improving your body posture keeping your back straight while walking and helping in backache reduction as well as eases foot pain.

10. New Balance

These shoes are created to ease foot pain among women. They are shock resistant and offer great comfort. They have soft cushioned pads towards the bottom to offer support to your feet and make it an excellent experience for your feet.

11. Mephisto

This high-quality comfort-giving brand of shoes designs shoes that provide comfort to aching feet. Women suffering from foot pain can go for them without thinking twice. They promise long durability, superior quality, and high-level comfort. They look stylish and comfortable both at the same time.

12. Orthaheel

Vionic’s orthaheel is super comfortable women’s shoes for foot pain to give comfort to heels, toes, and knees. Mostly preferred in flipflop style they are stylish, comfortable, and extremely light-weight. They are perfect for daily casual wear purposes.

13. Waldlaufe

These are comfortable, stylish, and casual looking shoes designed for women to ease foot pain and other related problems in a classy manner. Available in various designs, sizes, and colors they fall among the first preference of women suffering from foot pain all across the world.

14. Ziera

Superior quality, high-level comfort, light-weight and stylish- these are the key features of this footwear that are designed exclusively for women with foot pain and are looking for a stylish yet comfortable answer to their problem. They could be worn for long hours with ease and comfort.

Thus, these were the list of best women’s shoes for foot pain and helpful for those who suffer from frequent foot pain or problems related to the foot.

Shoes to be considered if you have Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a common problem that leads to acute heel pain. It is a thick ligament that connects the heel to the front of the foot. This problem causes inflammation in the tissue that runs at the bottom of the foot causing pain and discomfort.

If the case worsens it might require medical help and treatment like physiotherapy, steroid, injections, or even surgery. It is, therefore, very important to treat the ailment at an early stage instead of avoiding it as that would worsen the problem.

It is very important to wear the right kind of shoes for foot pain to avoid the problem of Plantar Fasciitis especially the ones that are comfortable for our feet. If a person starts wearing the right kind of footwear from the initial stage, he/she would be able to avoid the worse situation they might otherwise get into.

Best Women’s shoes for foot pain especially suffering from Plantar Fasciitis are-

Running Shoes

For running purpose or athletic purpose the shoes that are to be considered are-

1). Asics gel nimbus 20 and 22
Or 2). New balance 1080v10

Walking shoes

For the purpose of walking the shoes that are to be considered are: (Click the link below in green)

Hoka one Bondi x opening ceremony

Saucony grid omni walking

Hiking Shoes

Shoes to be considered for hiking are:

Keen Targhee


If looking for sandals for the casual purpose the options are:

Hoka one ora recovery slide

NOAT Krista

Thus, these are some of the shoe brands that could be considered for those suffering from foot-related problems, feet pain, or Plantar Fasciitis. These are some of the best women’s shoes for foot pain.

Use of Orthotics

Though an expensive affair, orthotics are designed and customized for your special needs as per the requirement of the user. They are used for specific problems like heel pain, arch pain, discomfort, or plantar fasciitis.

They provide a kind of cushioning under the feet thereby providing temporary relief from foot pain and problems relating to feet like plantar fasciitis.

Footwear, thus, plays an essential role in shaping our personality as if we wear the right kind of footwear it helps in enhancing our personality.

We are also able to avoid most of the problems concerning feet, particularly foot pain if we choose the right shoes for foot pain that offers comfort and support to our feet.

So, women should always consider all the above-mentioned factors while purchasing footwear to avoid pain and discomfort.

As the saying goes prevention is better than cure so one must try to wear the right kind of shoes for foot pain to avoid problems concerning feet instead of compromising over their shoes and later visiting a doctor for treatment.

We have tried our best to help you with selecting the best women’s shoes for foot pain. What is your comment about this article, please, take some time to give your valuable feedback words below in the comment?

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