14 Best Scrubs for Men That Are Super Comfort & Cool [2021]

Are you looking forward to the best scrubs for men? It is necessary that you do your comprehensive research and then proceeds with it.

Every skin type is different. Hence, it is necessary to choose a scrub that suits you the best in situations like these. The scrubs for men near me can help to find the best choice.

Comparatively, men in the medical profession need these scrubs the most. It is necessary to choose and find out one accordingly. However, the scrubs for male nurses can help to exfoliate the skin and bring out the natural glow. Analyzing and finding out the best scrubs for men become even more appealing to ensure that it caters to the med couture.

Why choose the best scrubs for men?

If you are in the medical profession, you will have a constant problem checking out the scrub pants. The scrub fabric tends to distract you, which eventually harms your appearance and even the work. When you’re in your medical uniform, you need to ensure that you maintain complete hygiene.

More and more people are getting into the medical profession. Hence, in situations like these, it becomes extremely important not only to look good but also to feel good. The best scrubs for men should have a proper blend of durability and dry along with a good drying feature. Moreover, a scrub should come with several smart pockets to Choose From.

best scrubs for male nurse

The right V neck scrub can help to make your duty easy. The best scrubs for male nurses that you should choose from are the following

List of best Scrubs for Men

1. Dickies Men’s EDS Signature Scrub Top

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If you are looking forward to a comfortable V neck scrub, then this is one of the best scrubs for men. It offers many pockets that provide a lot of storage facilities.

The scrubs for male nurses near me are made of a blend of polyester and cotton fabric, thereby allowing a comfortable environment to work. Working in the medical field can be tiring, thereby making your uniform prone to again.

This is one of the prominent medical scrubs for male nurses that can be easily cleaned. The durable fabric makes it one of the best ones to adorn. Moreover, it has an EDS signature design with side vents on each side of the top.

This makes it comfortable and ensures free movements. The front shoulders and back yoke are used the best for styling. These are tied to the center of the back to provide a clean appearance.

The chest pockets of Dickie’s male scrub have storage facilities across different pockets. The double chest pocket makes it useful for storing essential items. This plays an important role in the medical profession. The chest pocket contains a badge loop that makes it easy for you to carry your badge in them. As a result, you get to walk around freely.

Dickie’s male scrub suits the appearance perfectly while maintaining comfort and professionalism. This is one of the best scrubs for men and is available in different colors like black and white. Apart from that, several color options can match your scrub pants as well.


  • Comfortable
  • Mesh fabric
  • Comfortable
  • Different colors


  • Slightly longer than the usual size

2. Landau’s Premium Reversible Scrub Top

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The Landau’s Premium Reversible Scrub top is known for its stylish design and comfort. It is made up of comfortable scrub fabric, bestowing a clean and classic scrub top appearance.

The scrub for male nurses consists of a front chest pocket that helps you store different items. It prevents the risk of complicated clothing. Unlike other medical scrubs for male nurses, the reversible feature adds to the style and functionality since it contains breast pockets on both sides. As a result, you can maintain a professional and clean look even when one side of it becomes stained.

If you search for pediatric scrubs for male nurses that are durable and require easy cleaning, then Landau’s Premium Reversible Scrub top for men should be your first choice.

The scrub is made using polyester and cotton materials. As a result, they can be washed daily and be available for daily use too.

The scrub top has a very professional design with a wide choice of colors. Although it is simple, it is attractive. It has a unisex design that caters to the clean appearance.

If you are in search of a complete uniform, along with the scrub for male nurses, you can get a Landau’s classic unisex pants. You can choose the same colors for both to opt for a coordinated look.


  • Affordable
  • Color-coordinated
  • Enough space


  • Expensive

3. Dickies Dynamix Men’s Scrubs

[amazon box=”B07BL3M664″ template=”horizontal”]

Dickies is one of the most trusted brands for scrubs for men near me. They are renowned for their high-quality scrubs, men’s pants, and tops. If you want a uniquely designed scrub, then Dynamix Men’s Scrubs should be one of your primary choices.

The Dickies Dynamix Men’s Scrubs is comfortable to wear because of its lightweight. Furthermore, as it is made up of 9% spandex, it allows stretching as well. It is available in different colors, with Heather gray and olive being one of the most popular ones.

The zippered pockets are included on the shoulder. As a result, you could store small items in the pocket. The front pocket has been designed for storing large items. The front part contains a shoulder yoke and v-necklines, which adds up to the scrub top’s style.


  • Shoulder zip pocket for extra storage
  • Shoulder yoke and V-neckline for comfort
  • Lightweight and stretchy


  • It might be a little small
  • Smaller across the torso
  • Slim fit

4. Carhartt Men’s Multi-Pocket Scrub Top

[amazon box=”B014JFOQJW” template=”horizontal”]

Often hailed to be one of the best scrubs for men, Carhartt Men’s Multi-Pocket Scrub Top is sturdy and rugged. It is made of a combination of soft cotton and polyester, 55% and 45%, respectively. Due to its such, a hard built, this multi-pocket scrub is destined to last a long time.

The scrub top is easy to maintain and can be washed in machines. However, it is extremely necessary to maintain these thoroughly. Like most of the medical scrubs for male nurses, this scrub top is available in different colors like navy, white, and pewter.

As the name goes, it has two large pockets that can perfectly suit the purpose of storing your medical equipment. Furthermore, you can also store other items such as pens and stethoscopes. The small pocket on the top is further beneficial for storing small items.


  • A considerable size of the pockets
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Soft yet sturdy because of its durable construction


  • Wrinkled fabric
  • Might appear fray due to constant washing
  • Size is slightly bigger
best scrubs for male nurse

5. Dickies Dynamix Jogger Scrub Pants

[amazon box=”B07L37FB9Q” template=”horizontal”]

Another great product from Dickies is Dynamix Jogger Scrub Pants for male nurses. If you love being on the go or working out, you should opt for these joggers.

These scrub men’s pants are made of a combination of spandex. The comfortable fabric assures that it is appropriate for the workplace. These scrub pants are as comfortable as sweatpants.

As a result, you can adorn these. The waist part sits perfectly a little below the belly button. The scrub pants allow you to adjust the comfort level because of drawstrings.

The scrub pants contain four pockets divided into rear pockets and large cargo pockets.


  • Adjustable drawstrings
  • Comfortable like a jogger
  • Four pockets comprising of cargo pocket


  • Not much color options
  • Thin material
  • Might be a little tired around the waist

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6. WonderWink Men’s V-neck Top

[amazon box=”B07NY176TF” template=”horizontal”]

If you are looking for the best scrub top features, then WonderWink’s V-neck scrub top should be on your #1 list.

The men’s V-neck top is made using 100% polyester fabric. The fabric ensures durability and strength and can be easily washed in a machine. You do not need to worry about piling and fraying.

If you are searching for a men’s scrub for sale near me, then WonderWink Men’s V-neck top is available in ten different colors. All these colors bestow a professional look while maintaining attractiveness. One of the best features about this scrub top is that it contains a sturdy silicone ring on the left side’s front pocket. You can attach your badge and even keep your ID card in your pocket. As a result, your badge and ID will be accessible and visible when you keep them in the front pocket.

Both sides of the pocket contain a seam, which allows enough space for storage. As a result, you can store your essentials in pockets.


  • Silicone pocket ring
  • Two side pocket
  • Durable polyester fabric


  • It might be a little tight
  • Thin material
  • Colors fade away with constant washing

7. Landau’s Men’s Comfort 7-Pocket Cargo Scrubs

[amazon box=”B002IKGL8A” template=”horizontal”]

Landau brought about one of the best scrub pants for men. Not only does it maintain a professional look, but it is also very comfortable. One of the best parts about the scrub pants is that they are reversible. As a result, these scrub pants fit perfectly across your hips and thighs. It is available in three different sizes, regular, short, and tall.

These scrubs men’s pants are designed with four pockets on either side. It further makes enough space for storing all your essential materials. Apart from the four cargo pockets, these also contain a rear pocket.

Unlike other pants, this scrub pant’s rear pocket has a secure locking feature. As a result, you can store your essential items without the fear of them falling out.

The Landau’s men’s cargo scrubs are designed to meet comfort because of its polyester and cotton blend. These are machine washable, thereby ensuring easy cleaning.

The waist has an elastic band that prevents rolling. Furthermore, it has a drawstring and zippered fly, which offers comfort and convenience.


  • Cargo pockets
  • The rear pocket has a button closure.
  • Zippered fly and drawstring waistband


  • Size may be small
  • Thin material
  • Drawstring may get damaged with time

8. Figs Leon Two-Pocket Scrub Top

[amazon box=”B07BYX7YWP” template=”horizontal”]

If you don’t want scrub tops made of stiff fabric and wrinkles every time, you should opt for Figs Leon Two-Pocket Scrub top. Often considered one of the best scrub tops for men, the scrub top is made using a soft fabric. Furthermore, the soft fabric supports four-way technology allowing you easy movement while working.

Since it has a designed and tailored fit, you wouldn’t need to worry about the figs feeling boxy. However, these medical scrubs for male nurses are extremely flexible and allow you to be comfortable while you’re on a hectic schedule.

The scrub top features a double chest-pocket, which allows plenty of storage. The stitching is done properly and helps you withstand quite several washes. These are easily machine washable and can be dried.


  • Soft and stretchy
  • Strong stitching
  • Double chest-pocket


  • Sizing may be small
  • Doesn’t allow enough breathability
  • Might be tight around the arms if you’re bulky.
Scrubs for men

9. Grey’s Anatomy Modern Fit Scrub Top

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Are you a fan of Grey’s Anatomy? If you are, you should consider choosing Grey’s Anatomy Modern Fit Scrub Top. Unlike the other scrub tops for men, these allow enough breathable space.

The scrub tops are made of polyester and rayon blend. As a result, the scrub tops allow plenty of airflows owing to the Arc Dry technology. The Arc Dry technology contributes to cooling and helps you stay comfortable for prolonged periods irrespective of how hard you’re working.

The modern fit scrub top features a V-neckline that acts as vents and helps you stay cool. It has a small slot for storing a pen apart from the three main pockets. These scrub tops perfectly suit the purpose of storage. The front pocket has been designed to hold your badge.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable material
  • Side vents keep you cool
  • Three storage pocket accompanies by a pen slot


  • It might be slightly large
  • Extremely wide sleeves
  • Thin material

10. Dagacci Scrubs Medical Uniform for Men

[amazon box=”B00FT71IMS” template=”horizontal”]

If you’re looking for one of the best budget scrubs medical uniforms for men, then the Dagacci brand brings out the best. Apart from being affordable, the scrub uniform is extremely functional.

Within a very affordable range, you get the entire uniform from comfortable scrub tops to pants. The pant has an elastic closure, and the top is unisex featuring a V-neckline. The pant and top features several pockets, thereby offering plenty of storage.

The top features two patch pockets, a small pen slot, and a chest pocket for keeping your badge and ID card. The cargo pants have side pockets, thereby increasing storage. Like most of the medical scrubs for male nurses, this scrub is available in 20 different colors.


  • A complete uniform
  • Breathable fabric
  • Available in different colors


  • Might be a little tight
  • The arms aren’t wide

11. Cherokee Men’s Original Cargo Scrubs Pants

[amazon box=”B08G3W1K6M” template=”horizontal”]

If you want one of the best scrubs for men, then Cherokee Men’s Original Cargo scrub pants to suit the needs perfectly. The scrub pants are made from polyester (65%) and cotton (35%).  The combination further helps to maximize strength and durability.

The waist contains drawstrings along with a zip fly. The cargo pants have back and slash pockets with strong stitching. This prevents the risk of tearing. One of Cherokee Men’s Original Cargo scrub pants’ greatest qualities is that they are machine washable. Unlike most of the scrubs, these scrub pants are made of comfortable fabric.


  • High-quality fabric
  • Several pockets ensuring better storage
  • Zip fly and waist drawstrings
  • Durable and strong


  • Slightly long

12. Cherokee Men’s Workwear Scrub Set

[amazon box=”B017L21YDQ” template=”horizontal”]

Cherokee is extremely popular for its professional workwear. The workwear scrub set is excellent and for various reasons. The Cherokee Men’s Workwear Scrub set is made up of polyester (65%) and cotton (35%) blend. Although durable, it is slightly strong, making it tough to wear.

Compared to other scrub sets, these are slightly thin but are stretchy. The stretchiness, however, helps to conduct even the physically intensive tasks.

The chest pocket on the V-neck unisex top and the numerous pockets (cargo, back, and hand) on the cargo pant ensures functionality. This makes up for the entire storage facility.

It is washable in a machine and doesn’t shrink despite repetitive washing.


  • Durable
  • Stretchy
  • Comfortable movement


  • Expensive

13. Dress A Med Men’s Classic Scrubs 2-Piece Set

[amazon box=”B00LAKZBEE” template=”horizontal”]

This is one of the best scrubs for men in a set. If you’re looking forward to getting a complete uniform, you should consider getting this set.

The Dress A Med’s Classic Scrubs 2-piece set has been designed to avoid the risk of falling due to repetitive use. It consists of double stitching. Moreover, they are lightweight and comfortable. There’s ample storage in these because of the six pockets.

The scrubs are made of proper polyester and cotton blend. It will keep away the wrinkles after one cycle. Furthermore, the fabric is repellent to liquid and has a masculine touch to it. This ensures it conforms to the looks of medical scrubs for male nurses.

The V-neckline top features a chest pocket along with a pen slot. The pants have five pockets, pant slots, and a drawstring. Although it offers wide storage, it doesn’t provide a loose or slouchy look. It helps to move freely when you’re working for long hours. As these scrubs are pre-shrunk, the color of these scrubs does not fade away easily. The medical scrubs have a double-stitch design that allows them to be used regularly. Dress A Med offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


  • Wrinkle-free
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Durable


  • Size may be slightly large

14. Barco One 5-Pocket Reinforced V-neck Top

[amazon box=”B01K0NJYWG” template=”horizontal”]

Available in different colors, the Barco One 5-pocket reinforced V-neck top is made up of anti-static fabric. This ensures that the animal hair is easily shed off. The scrub top is best suited for professionals from the animal care industry.

One of the best features of this scrub top is that it comprises temperature-regulating fabric, which makes working for long shifts easy. It is made of a lightweight and breathable fabric that is eco-friendly. The top features four-way stretchability.

Even after several washes, the fabric doesn’t wrinkle. The top is loaded with functional designs such as zipper pockets, coil secure, slash pockets, patch pockets, and even more. The top features reinforced stitch, thereby preventing the risk of tearing.


  • Temperature resistant fabric
  • Comfortable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Wrinkle-resistant


  • Slightly expensive
best scrubs for men nurse

FAQs about Best Scrubs for Men

Some of the commonly asked questions related to the best scrubs for men include the men.

How to look good in scrubs?

Looking good in medical scrubs for male nurses isn’t tough as long as you do it right. If you want to look good in scrubs, here are a few tips
▶Wear the right accessories
▶Make sure to wear scrubs that fit you (however, do not ▶compromise on the quality and comfort)
▶Choose the right fabric material.
▶Choose the colors carefully.
▶Take good care of scrubs.

What are the best brands?

Some of the most reliable brands for best scrubs for men include the following
▶Figs Scrub
▶Cherokee Uniforms Scrubs
▶Uniform Advantage Scrubs

What to wear under scrubs?

The scrubs are general workwear adorned by male nurses. However, there are unisex scrubs too. You can wear an undershirt under the scrubs. However, you can also wear long and short-sleeved shirts to keep yourself warm. However, these may increase the risk of strains, which is why you need to be careful.

Which brands produce the softest scrubs?

If you’re looking for the best scrubs for men, some of the brands that make the softest ones include the following.
▶Cherokee Luxe Support

Why do nurses wear scrubs?

Some of the common reasons why nurses wear scrubs include the following
▶They assure a sterile environment
▶They provide an updated and professional appearance.
▶They offer additional storage.
▶They provide safety.

Do nurses need to wear only solid color scrubs?

This completely depends on the faculty and nurse’s preference. Several nurses wear colorful and printed scrubs too.


The best scrubs for men require research. It is essential to choose scrubs for male nurses that are durable, last longer, and have enough storage. The more the number of pockets, the better the functionality.

Over time, several brands have been launching highly functional scrubs that can suit their needs in no time. Make sure to do your research and find a suitable product for you.

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