20 Best Scalp Massager to Pamper Yourself in 2021

Anyone who’s ever visited a spa, comfortably placed themselves on a massage pad, and gotten a deeply relaxing head massage, knows that a massage therapy experience is truly heavenly.

But it also means that you’re not unaware of the hole it can burn in your pocket, making regular visits to the salon or spa just to get them to hit the right massage node. It is also inconvenient and overall, just not feasible.

Have you ever heard the terms “mini scalp massager” or “scalp massager brush”? If not, get ready to be delighted.

Thanks to modern innovations backed by technology, you can reap the benefits of salon-level traditional massage styles with a simple scalp massager for hair growth Amazon will deliver to your doorstep!

Best Scalp Massager

Head massagers, scalp massagers, or scalp shampoo brushes are little handheld brushes made of a soft material like silicone, keeping healthy scalp care in mind which, when gently massaged on the head, can result in a ton of benefits like thicker and healthier hair, faster hair growth, generation of new hair, tension relief from the scalp, and a lot more!

We bet you’re now scouring the web, trying to find more ways a scalp massager benefits you, to outbid your love for those salon visits.

From relieving headaches to amplifying hair growth, there’s a lot a scalp massager machine can do for you that a salon shampoo scalp massage, expensive massage heads, and massage helmet, or even multiple massage sessions can’t do for you. Sounds cool, right?

As someone who just learned about this super convenient little thing called a handheld scalp massager, your head must be filling up with questions and your search bar digging up queries like, “what’s the best scalp massager” or “where to buy best scalp massager”.

Well, calm down for a moment and read on. Before you go looking for the “best scalp massager in store near me”, we have curated a list of the best scalp massager and some of its close contenders, available on the internet right now.

Which you can immediately get your hands on! But before reading our list, take a look at how your hair responds to the scalp massager effects and how you can determine a scalp massager good or bad.

Benefits of regularly using Best scalp massager:-

· Scalp massager for hair growth: Hair loss usually results from your hair follicles failing to receive enough blood carrying essential nutrients. A hand massage or massaging the scalp with a scalp massager hairbrush improves blood circulation in the scalp, thus boosting your hair growth.

· Scalp massager for relaxation: Besides scalp massager hair growth, they also assist in relieving tensed muscles of the scalp and head, and reduce headaches, providing deep relaxation. Regular head massages at night have also been proven to effectively treat numerous sleep disorders and even migraines.

Now that you have an idea about the wondrous benefits and conveniences of using a scalp massager, you’re ready to choose from our list!

20 Best Scalp Massager list:

1) Heeta Scalp Care Hair Brush

This shampoo brush made of soft silicone material for gentle scalp massage is the best waterproof scalp massager for thick and thin, long and short tresses alike.

It manages wet hair with the same ease it does dry hair, tenderly soothing your scalp and increasing blood circulation. The ergonomic design of the product made with ease of use in mind provides a comfortable grip. Give your scalp the pleasure of relaxation and stress relief every time you take a shower!


· Waterproof material makes this ideal for in-shower use.

· Ergonomic design offers a firm, comfortable grip.

· Can be used on wet and dry hair alike, as well as on long or short hair.

· Can double as a pet grooming product too


· Vibration massage features not available since it’s not an electric scalp massager.

2) USAGA Head Massager

This one’s a head massager that can also double as a scalp scratcher, thanks to the 20-finer design it is based on. The prongs of the massager are made of high elastic springs which can be adjusted according to your convenience.

Direct this fingered massager in a spread-and-retract movement across your scalp, and feel the tension leave your head, neck, and shoulders. For those of you who have trouble sleeping, this massager can release anxiety and help you sleep better too.


· Helps reduce anxiety and sleeping troubles.

· Relieves stress from the scalp, neck, and shoulders, to give you a new stress-free experience.

· Durable and easy to clean, with metal prongs and soft tips.

· Adjustable prongs make the product easy to use.


· Cannot be used during shampoo or on wet hair due to the risk of tangling.

· Vibration massage features not available since it’s not an electric scalp massager.

3) Yeipis Handheld Head Massager

This one’s a set of 4 head massagers (or tinglers) used to scratch or mildly massage your head at the right points.

The adjustable fingers are ridiculously good for your scalp’s relaxation and blood circulation. Unlike other fingered scalp massagers, this one doesn’t tug at your hair or tangle it up, making it difficult for you to manage your hair.


· The massager has soft rubber beads at its ends.

· Compact and portable.

· Can be used for scalp massage, knee joints, elbows, ankles, etc.


· Cannot be used during shampoo or on wet hair.

· Vibration massage features not available since it’s not an electric scalp massager.

4) USAGA 20 Finger Head Massager

USAGA categorizes this scalp massager as an extraordinary feeling, one that releases endorphins in your body! The best wire scalp massager, this one combats migraines and headaches by promoting blood circulation in the scalp.

Place the massager spider on top of your head and go about circular motions or move up and down with it. It can also make for a thoughtful gift for your friends or their pets!


· Stimulates blood circulation in the scalp.

· Easy to use and portable.

· Lifetime warranty.


· Spidery prongs instead of silicone brush.

· Not an electric massager, so no vibration mode is available.

5) Handheld Head Massager for Deep Relaxation

People with sensitive scalps know this struggle of upsetting your scalp with the slightest brush or tug, which is the reason we recommend this calming tool.

It is designed as a scalp scratcher with spindles featuring tiny rubber beads at their ends. Each bead moves across your scalp with such smoothness and seamlessness, that they deliver the spine-tingling sensation all of us love getting.


· No hair tangling, pulling, or catching.

· Spine-tingling sensation that brings about relaxation and destresses.

· Comes in a pack of 2.

· Can be used on knees, elbows, ankles, etc too.


· Handheld and non-electric.

6)LiBa Scalp Massager Tool

Get to the root of deep relaxation and stress-busting with this head massager cum scratcher that can promise to rid you of tangles, painful scratches, and pulling wires, once and for all.

The spindles are adjustable, making it easier for you to choose between a lighter, more invigorating experience like a scalp massager hair loss fighter or a more concentrated destressing in your neck and shoulder area.


· Great tool to relax and destress.

· Customizable massage by adjusting the spindle size.

· Lightweight and portable, great for massages on the go.

· Boosts hair follicles and promotes hair growth.


· Doesn’t come with any massage program like electric scalp massagers do.

7) Body, Back & Scalp Massager

Finally, an all-in-one tool to destress several parts of your body. This one doesn’t market itself as only targeted for scalp massages; it also serves as a body massager, neck massager, elbows, knees, and of course, a head massager.

The Amazon review of this product written by a woman says that the only reason she got delayed with her divorce from an unfaithful ex-husband was because he used to calm her down with a full-body massage using this tool! Come on now, if that doesn’t convince you to buy this product, what will?


· Deep relaxation to all parts of your body.

· Concentrated or dilute the focus of attention according to the way you adjust the spindles.


· Does not come with a massage program because it is not an electric scalp massager.

8) NICEMOVIC Scalp Massager

This 20-fingered wonder is the creation of Gods. It might look and sound weird when somebody swears by one of these tiny wired tools in their daily life, but trust us: the moment you place the spindles on top of your head and close your eyes, you will teleport into another dimension. That is how deeply this scalp massager relaxes your body and drains the stress out of you.


· Handheld and easy to use.

· 20 fingers to maximize focus on the whole area of the scalp.

· Better blood circulation leading to thicker hair and follicular growth.


· Simple tool with no electricity or complex functions.

9) Zyllion Scalp Massager

If dandruff doesn’t leave your scalp no matter what treatments you have tried, this is the product for you. The grooved spines help deeply exfoliate your scalp and free persistent dandruff, eliminating them completely.

A reviewer on Amazon with seborrheic dermatitis highly recommends trying to use the massager in Z-shaped motions rather than the conventional circular ones, to effectively get rid of flakes or new buildup.


· Eye-catching color that is fun to use and hold.

· Portable and handy, and can be easily gripped to use anytime.

· Can be used on wet hair fairly well, removing dandruff almost completely.


· Does not have vibrating motions due to not being an electric massager.

10) Body, Back & Scalp Massager

Amazon users live for this little head massager and claim to make a run for it every time they get the slightest headache or signs of a migraine. Not only do users find the tool incredibly useful for their headaches, but also say that these make for wonderful gifts for loved ones.

That tingling sensation you get with a 5-minute massage of this can only be described as “out of the world”.


· Supreme relaxation and a sensation of calm.

· Greatly helps in relieving headaches and migraines.

· Tangle-free experience with rubber beads attached to the wire spindles.

· Great gift for loved ones.


· Non-electric and does not have vibration modes.

11) LATME Electric Scalp Massager

Need we introduce this electric scalp massager to you? You must have seen videos of this scalp massager being enjoyed by pets for hours on end, all across social media! Now it’s time to learn what it can do for you.

The scalp massager electric hair growth rate has been astonishingly high. It comes with 28 nodes and 3D deep kneading technology and offers you 4 replacement massage heads as well.


· Scalp massager comprises 28 nodes and 3D deep kneading that perfectly fits the scalp and stimulates blood circulation for a relaxed, stress-free feeling.

· The shiatsu massage nodes can relieve pain and tension in areas other than the scalp such as the neck, shoulders, knees, elbows, and other muscles.

· Great for use on pets too

· Waterproof tool that comes with 4 modes for wet and dry hair.

· Cordless and rechargeable for on-the-go massages.


· Keep in mind, the battery backup in case you want to take it with you for a day out.

12) Comfier Head Massager

For a soothing scalp massage to ease tension from your head, neck and shoulders, look no further than this electric scalp massager with 68 kneading nodes.

Slip into blissfulness as you turn on the vibration mode with 2 types of adjustable frequencies for maximum comfort and relaxation.


· 2 vibration frequencies to suit your mood, with a self-timer.

· Regulates blood circulation and lessens the effects of fatigue and stress.

· Portable and rechargeable.

· Perfect for a thorough head and body massage at the comfort of your home.


· Look out for its battery backup before taking it out for an on-the-go massage experience.

· Cannot be used in the shower.

13) H01 Electric Hair Massager

A low-key handheld scalp massager electric that also comes with 2 vibration modes? Yes, please. This battery-operated shampoo brush can also double as a regular massager for your tired muscles.

Two vibration modes- regular and pulse, to change with your needs and mood, this little pink scalp massager packs a large punch.


· Waterproof and can be used in the shower to regulate blood flow into your scalp.

· 2 vibration modes for different kinds of needs and areas.

· Portable and attractive design.


· Not rechargeable since it is battery-operated.

14) Portable Handheld Spa Head

These unique handheld scalp massagers are adorable to look at! They are designed to accommodate metallic massage balls at the end of flexible claws for promoting blood circulation and relaxation in the muscle areas of the neck, shoulders, knees, elbows, etc. Great quick-massage tool for your scalp too, for when you need to feel instant relief from a hectic day’s stress.


· Amazing relaxation instantly, with its unique ball massage design with an ergonomic handle.

· Doesn’t need to be charged or operated with batteries.

· Portable and easy to use anywhere, anytime.


· Since it is not an electric scalp massager, no vibration modes are available.

15) USAGA Head Massager

A complete therapeutic relaxation experience at the most affordable of prices, this scalp massager contains more prongs for higher area coverage.

The massager is made of 3 layers for higher durability and better performance. This head, body, legs massager can easily last you a lifetime!


· Cheapest form of tension relief and relaxation.

· More prongs for more tension points.

· 3 layered design for better performance and lifetime durability.


· Basic features available, unlike electric massagers with various modes of vibration.

16) HOFASON 2pcs Head Massager

There’s nothing like an old-school massage tool that gets the job done. This scalp massager and scratcher stimulates the scalp’s nerve endings along with acupuncture points on the head, facilitating increased blood circulation in the area and eliminating fatigue.


· The tingling sensation we all can’t get enough of!

· Single handheld design for higher comfort.

· Waterproof and can be used in the shower or on wet hair.


· For those of you who just need to have a vibration mode on your scalp massager, this isn’t the one for you.

17) Heeta 20 Finger Scalp Massager

Heeta products can be trusted from a mile away and we know that by the amazing quality of head massagers they have been manufacturing for years now.

Simple wired tools with soft beads at their ends, easy to hold and regulate; these massagers are an affordable must-have for those who love that tingling sensation in their body every time the beads wriggle in their head.


· Portable and easy to use.

· Simple design with soft beads for maximized comfort and relaxation.

· Waterproof and great for wet hair or use inside the shower.


· For those of you who just need to have a vibration mode on your scalp massager, this isn’t the one for you.

18) Tenswa Electric Scalp Massager

This can be called the ultimate in-house massaging experience for those of you who want to go all out with the salon treatment feeling at home.

The product comprises 4 massage heads that come with 112 kneading nodes, making it the highest count in this article. The massage heads imitate human hand movements like clockwise rotation for a gentle, relaxing experience.


· Multidirectional movement your whole body can enjoy.

· 6 modes to choose from for an ultra-comfy, 3D massage therapy.

· Long battery life to keep your pleasure going without having to recharge the device every once in a while.

· Waterproof and perfect for use in the shower, on wet hair, or for a colorproof scalp cleansing.


· Not compact and portable, unsuitable for on-the-go massages.

19) Hands-Free USB Rechargeable Head Massager

Want your head massager to do its thing while you do yours? Here’s a hands-free scalp massager that operates on its own once it is set, and even comes with an auto-off feature!

These massagers come with 2 vibration modes for deep relaxation and hair growth stimulation, both of which are unbelievably pleasurable. What’s more, the massager has a USB port where you can charge it! Talk about mixing efficiency with boujee!


· USB charging port for USB charging; no wired chargers or batteries required!

· Auto-off function can let you even fall asleep while taking your massage.

· Hands-free design lets you do other work while you’re enjoying a rejuvenating head massage.


· You can’t take it in the shower or use it on wet hair.

20) Jade Stone Gua Sha Comb

Last but not least, we have this amazing, exotic Gua Sha hair comb for you! A close contender with the Maxsoft scalp care brush, the Gua Sha is a proven healthcare tool in traditional Chinese households that brings about great skin, hair, and nail Health.

Use this comb to massage your scalp lightly, or scrub the dead skins off your face and body. The blood circulation promoted in the areas it affects is vital for skin rejuvenation. It is also proven to improve sleep, reduce stress and headaches caused by it.


· Elegant design and soothing color.

· Increases blood circulation and regulates skin rejuvenation.

· Helps reduce stress, anxiety, and headaches.


· We can’t see a con to using a Gua Sha hairbrush, to be honest!

Take Away!

So that was our list of some of the most amazingly useful scalp massagers and shampoo brushes. Bid adieu to excess hair loss and productivity-damping headaches today with just a simple tool. Rush to Amazon and grab the one you thought was best suited for you, now!


A Medicine Doctor, Educator, Motivator, and Speaker! Dr. DK Pandey (Known as Doctor DK) is recognized as a leader writer in Health; Wellness and Health Products.

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